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The building blocks of our work

Our Services

Product Visualization

We visualize your product for different use cases, from photorealistic representation in the development process to the final product presentation in the context of use.

Pre-production visuals
Studio shots
In-context shots
E-commerce visuals
Softgood visuals

Product Animation

Animations are more powerful than images. Use product animations to convince your users. We create customized videos for different use cases such as product releases, social media or interactive user manuals.

Teaser animations
Product-release animation
Turntable animations
user-manual animations

Technical Illustration

We help to explain the complexity of objects and constructions with the help of illustrations. Whether it's the structure of a technical device, the flow of production or images for educational material, we assist you in accomplishing your targets.

Construction visuals
User-manual visuals
Assembly shots
Learning material visuals

Architecture Visualization

Through high-quality and lifelike visualizations, we support you in decision-making rounds with your customers. Whether it is the visualization of room concepts, exterior design, or the construction process, we help you visualize your visions.

Exterior shots
Interior shots
Construction visualization
360° panoramas

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This is how we work

Our process

Phase 1

Assessing customer needs

At first, we are assessing the needs of our customers and figure out what the best solution to their problem would be, given time and budget constraints. We discuss turn-around times and the expected quality of the outcome. Next, we will set up a project plan and create a content outline in which we will collect all the content we need before we start the ideation phase.

Phase 2


In this stage, we will determine the basis for the subsequent steps. We will discuss the look and feel of the final pieces through mood boards and reference images with our clients. After we have decided on a visual direction, we will first sketch ideas and create rough 3d blockings of the scenes. For animation-based jobs, storyboards will play a crucial role in defining the animation and scope of the project.

Phase 3

3d production

In this phase, we will put the rough ideas from the previous stage into production. Our artists will edit the provided 3d files and make them production-ready, such as adding fine details and, if needed, modeling additional objects and parts. We will create camera paths for animations according to the storyboards and rig the 3d models with control points for a streamlined animation pipeline.Finally, the scenes will be optimized and are ready for the next phase.

Phase 4

Materials & lighting

Our 3D artists with backgrounds in photography, graphic and industrial design will start to create high fidelity materials matching the provided references. Lighting the scene and or product is an essential step in achieving the right look and feel.

Phase 5

Post production

After the rendering process, we will start our post-production pipeline. All images/animations will be color corrected according to the delivery standard. If needed, we will add additional post-processing in the form of composition and layovers. Our partners can supply professional voiceovers for finishing touches on the newly created marketing material.

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