Industrial Design

Mock Flocker - healthy food made in germany

Wolfgang Mock's family business has been an international pioneer of grain mills for domestic use for decades. With devices like the Mockmill, the company offers a natural alternative to industrially produced food. The freshly milled grain contains far more nutrients and trace elements than commercially available bread products and empowers users in a more prosperous, healthier diet.

A contemporary and future-oriented redesign of the Mockmill and the redesign and development of an (oat) Flocker were the tasks of the IFID design team, along with visualisations for a possible app interface.

After in-depth analyses of the market, components, and functions, the existing component layout was optimised and enhanced with new features. The technical layout was then enriched with a more minimalistic, space-saving housing made of completely recyclable material. The iconic design language of the new Mockmill skillfully represents the zeitgeist of an alternative brand.

For the development of the new Flocker, The development of the new Flocker followed up the process of the Mockmill redesign. It was possible to coordinate design and component layout right up to the finishing touches and create a strong form and function synergy. The close interdisciplinary cooperation enabled a new development at top speed.

The modern appearance while retaining iconic, functional features represents a unique selling point compared to the competition. The reduced, unobtrusive design language blends discreetly into the kitchen interior. In addition, there is improved operability, less soiling and an electrical interface for international power sockets. The recyclable material also offers a sustainable alternative to competing products.

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