Strategy & Innovation

How design becomes a driver of growth

In a competitive world, leaders need to stand out more thanever. In order to emerge from the crowd, they need to properly introducedesign into all areas of their business. IFID believes in design as a keyfactor in being commercially successful. Our design departments help you growyour business by creating breakthrough products and services.

The value of good design is difficult to measure and the termdesign is often misused. But when you recognize the full scope of design, howto fully understand the user and create a product or service that truly meetstheir needs, then it becomes strategically invaluable. Design is now so muchmore than just product design and styling, despite the economic benefits, thereis still resistance to using design as a strategic tool. To determine the valueof design, IFID has conducted a study with 50 clients, documenting the value ofdesign. By blending creative and analytical team members, IFID helps companiesinnovate and scale at a rapid pace in areas such as mobility and consumerproducts. When designers collaborate with business units and analysts, we candeliver more accurate recommendations for strategic decisions much faster. Webuild prototypes and understand what the future will look like, not just from adesign perspective. Companies that focus on design outperform other companiesby a wide margin. We can only encourage design to be involved in your business

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