Digital Design

Visualizations for The Nu Company

As part of our sustainable aspirations, NUCAO has chosen to work with IFID to provide rapid visualization of their products. As a pioneer of sustainable development, the NUcompany relies on political discourse with the population, which makes a proactive and spontaneous approach essential. Highly realistic representations can be used to make well-founded preliminary decisions about appearance.

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Realizing a new look

By  using high-resolution 3D scans, a detailed digital replica of the product was created. This is then textured with high-resolution graphics. This can support the development speed of the company with additional cost savings. Furthermore, it is possible to react flexibly to short-term changes in the product appearance.    

"We enjoyed recreating the sustainably produced bar with its 100% degradable packaging in detail, while optimizing internal processes and saving additional costs"
André Zsigmondy
Digital experience designer