Visualization & Animation

Visualising contemporary products

As a progressive company, new technologies and trends such as NFTs are among the areas that should be mapped. A deeper understanding of lifestyle and fashion as well as contextual integration of the visual concepts form the basis to adress contemporary aesthetics.

Virtual Studio Visuals
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Advanced research and visual direction

Advanced research in the fields of aesthetics and fashion is the foundation for the conceptual approach of visualizations. In order to develop modern material and color concepts, mood boards were created that combine content from the fields of textiles, interior design, digital art, and analogue art forms.

The aim is to combine the developed aesthetics in a fictitious product and to stage it through appealing animation and staging. Among other things, more emphasis is placed on the representation of realistic textiles through form, movement, and materiality.


Through pre-planning based on storyboards, existing mood boards were converted into an animation concept. The exact sequence lengths, as well as the required 3D objects and programmes, can be used in a targeted manner in this way. In addition to the usual programs, the integration of special software such as Marvelous Designer into the workflow is also necessary for the representation of physically correct textile animations.

Merging conceptual storytelling

The merging of the virtual scenes takes places in the form of an animation concept, whereby the different scenes are connected with each other in terms of content.
The change of scene and colouring of the product is introduced in the form of a rotation, which also connects the following scene as a recurring element. Thematically, the new environments take up the chosen colour and material concepts and unite them in the final scene. This is complemented by an "outdoor socks" concept, which places the previous product in a new context.