Visualization & Animation

Validating the product animation pipeline

Internal research and development projects are regularly undertaken to keep the workflows and tools up-to-date and efficient. This project was part of such a process.

Product Visualization
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Aesthetics and optimization

In addition to technical optimization, aesthetics are always at the center of attention. In doing so, these projects also allow for experimentation. As with commissioned work, our established workflow is maintained. First, mood boards, sketches, and storyboards were developed.

Better workflows, greater quality

Attention was given to testing and validating the current interdisciplinary rigging workflow and maximizing GPU utilization for an efficient workflow to deliver even better quality to our clients in a shorter period of time. Thus, our systems have been optimized for multi-GPU and state-of-the-art denoising technology.

"We want to provide our customers with adequate quality for their money. Therefore we see it as our duty to regularly test our internal systems for efficiency to minimize waiting times and problems while optimizing visual quality."
Alexander Kaula
Digital experience designer