Industrial Design

Medical design for Orl-Vision

Orl-Vision is a manufacturer of video endoscopy devices for medical use. Orl-Vision commissioned IFID to support a new product's design, resulting in the new video otoscope OX2, which allows the most modern design and technology for mobile use.

Product Design
Product Visualization
Focus Groups & Surveys
Usability Testing
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Gain Insights

Initially, a thorough research process was conducted. The goal was to get a clear picture of the application area and the handling of the usual devices in the practice of an ENT doctor. We used so-called shadowing days for this purpose. Designers observed the doctors' procedures to get an objective image of the handling and possible problems of the existing devices. The findings were evaluated and subsequently verified in interviews.

Implement observations

We first compiled the insights from the research process. Then, the resulting conclusions for optimizing the product were presented to the customer, followed by developing the first design ideas. This phase occurred in several sub-phases where we obtained customer feedback repeatedly.

Proven design

The result is the modern USB-supported Video Otoscope OX2. It enables the doctor to communicate better with his patient, as he can follow the video feed on a monitor. Thus, the doctors can inform the patient clearly and transparently about possible problems and further steps. The Video Otoscope OX2 has been on the market for several years.