Industrial Design

Design of the new Wingcopter 198

IFID had the task of supporting the aviation company Wingcopter GmbH in the product development of the new Wingcopter 198. Wingcopter's mission is to improve the delivery of medical care in vulnerable areas by providing an innovative alternative infrastructure. By delivering medical supplies by air, Wingcopter can shorten delivery times from days to hours, or even minutes, thus delivering time-critical products and reducing the cost factor.

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Design process

Our task was to combine innovative technologies and aerodynamic requirements in a modern design that fits into the product family. To achieve this, we went through several phases. First, there was a short input and research phase in which the design team studied the requirements. Then, design concepts were developed in several rounds and discussed and evaluated in consultation with the Wingcopter team.

Detail development

Based on the base archetype, we optimized various components and subsystems and defined them into a consistent overall appearance. Particular focus was placed on the design of the removable smart batteries, the landing gear, the formal integration of the camera system, the lighting design, the integration of service panels, and the graphic layout.

Resulting design concept

Finally, a holistic concept was designed and handed over to Wingcopter. The Wingcopter 198 is currently on sale and in usw worldwide.

"Wingcopter is a super innovative company that has essential issues written all over its agenda. As a design team, we are proud to be able to contribute to such topics. I also found it extremely exciting to develop and implement a consistent design within the strict technical and aerodynamic side requirements."
Katharina Hilgert
Product experience designer