Industrial Design

Contextually appropriate design of noise protection systems for Deutsche Bahn

As one of the world's leading mobility and logistics companies, DB AG operates Europe's largest rail network. The DB Netz AG is responsible for its maintenance. The future-oriented expansion and maintenance of the rail network also mean encouraging a proactive discourse with the public. To reduce noise pollution near the train tracks, the use and development of designed noise protection technolog

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Cooperation and integration

The IFID design team supports DB Netz AG in developing and designing spatial and noise protection concepts in large-scale national projects. The close cooperation with the responsible project managers enables the development of realistic design proposals based on well-founded content to integrate into the surrounding landscape in the best possible way.

Comprehensive context analysis

Comprehensive context analyses and an understanding of the individual facts/situations, together with knowledge of currently available technologies, create a sound design basis. Through the iterative process and specially developed workflows, highly realistic design concepts are formed and discussed in the political discourse.

Local communication

Correspondence/dialogue between DB and the local people can be encouraged using new design choices. The developed communication tools are introduced and used in citizen participation and often serve as a basis for assessment and decision-making. This is intended to increase acceptance of the necessary protective measures.