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Advanced drone packaging for Wingcopter

Wingcopter is a German aerospace company that develops and manufactures eVTOL drones. Wingcopter aims to improve the lack of medical supplies in regions with poor infrastructure via air transport with autonomous drones. In this context, IFID was tasked with developing single use transport boxes.

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Research and ideation

First, a research phase was initiated in which we defined all objectives for the transport box. The transport box should be used for different goods, fold quickly, and be designed for single use. It should be clearly indicated that the package has not been opened before. A kind of freshness seal should be implemented. In addition, the box had to withstand air speeds of over 100Km/h during flight and be produced as sustainably as possible.


In addition to developing 3D drawings, we built physical models in several iterations. As a result, ergonomic issues during assembly and opening, as well as technical limitations and sources of error, were quickly identified and corrected.

Realization and testing

The resulting transport boxes were produced locally from very stable corrugated cardboard. One advantage was that the boxes could be stored flat, as they could be quickly put together if necessary. Thanks to push-fit connections with hooks and a few glued connections, we could realize a very sturdy box in relation to the amount of material used. Due to the flat production method, personalization via printing was possible, and the boxes could be produced cost-effectively and in mass. We implemented the freshness seal by perforating the access area. Wingcopter has already successfully used the box for transport flights in Africa.